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03 April 2008 @ 07:06 am

Yes, that was your fair warning that this is me gushing over my cute lil boy!

My bro picked up that Guitar Hero 3 game.  He likes it alot, and was playing it for the 3 days mom and dad were outta town almost constantly.  When mom and dad got home, he of course didn't play as much.  So lil man started complaining, requesting that Mark play "His color game". Thats right, GH3 is a color matching game.  And WoW? That is the "Walking Game".  rofl, that about killed me, cause thats what i think of it as too! 

The other day I told him that if he uses dirty words or bites mommy, he would get his mouth washed out with soap.  So today, he said a dirty word. rofl, "Worms!"  He then justified with, worms are dirty! Ewww! Yuck! Rofl, i couldn't deny him, worms are dirty. lol

Oh, and I'm currently looking for a good JK program for him. If anyone in and about memphis has knowledge of a decent private school, or warnings about one, I'd not mind the info.  I'm thinking I can afford right around 5k a year.  Yes, I will be working my tail off all summer, but this is my last summer break before entering the real world! One more year!